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Professional Production. Reasonable Rates.

PaintSplash Productions is a video production company in Knoxville, TN, that services East Tennessee and Upstate South Carolina with high-quality commercials, videos for athletes and special events, and music videos that fit your budget.

What does “PaintSplash Productions”  represent?

Paint communicates a clear, bold message that sticks permanently.

A splash explodes the impact far beyond the initial place of contact.

Paint + Splash = an impact that spreads far and sticks in the audience’s mind.

Today’s consumers don’t want to be told what is special about your business, they want to see it. Words slide out of their minds. Images stick. A well-made commercial gives you the opportunity to show people what makes you unique from the competition. It distinguishes a go-to trusted company from a run-of-the-mill service provider.

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About Our Video Production Crew


Nathaniel Hendry

Video Production Specialist

Nathaniel is currently a student at Bob Jones University, double-majoring in Communication & Ministry and Leadership. He choose to major in Communication because the goal of film is to effectively share meaning, and it takes more than epic shots and snazzy equipment to send a compelling  message.

Here at PaintSplash Productions, Nathaniel’s focus is to:

  • Communicate directly with clients to determine exactly what they want and how PaintSplash Productions can fulfill that goal.
  • Direct all projects with high video production quality from our crew and subcontractors. 

Nathaniel’s video productions experience includes creating promotional videos, music videos, short films, sports highlight reels, wedding videos, and commercials. He has hundreds of hours of experience operating cameras for live TV broadcasts and is the chief camera operator and editor for the Sheets MusicYouTube channel. He has also served on several film sets.

You can find his resume online here.


Isaac Sheets

Marketing Director

Isaac is currently a candidate at the University of Tennessee for a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Business Analytics and a Collateral in Information Management.

Here at PaintSplash Productions, Isaac has two simple missions:

  • Understand the customer.
  • Leverage those insights to ensure that your company’s message is saying the right thing, in the right place, at the right time.

He understands that the first step in every successful value proposition is understanding the customer. Isaac is currently undergoing rigorous training, and is already very skilled in the art of analyzing and identifying customers’ needs, wants, and behaviors. Not only is his expertise critical in crafting messages that hit at the heart of customer’s needs and desires, but it is also crucial to ensuring those messages are displayed on the medium and during the time(s) that maximizes the messages’ reach, frequency, impact, and CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

You can find his resume online here.

Our Story

There is really no beginning to this story. We’ve always wanted to make movies. As little kids we would go out in the backyard with the family VHS camcorder to make home movies, complete with chase scenes, stop-motion animation, parkour, and superheroes. (We never let Halloween costumes go to waste!)

We settled on a name: Bunker Hill Films, named after Bunker Hill Foods,  an old food plant in the town where we lived. It’s not the most engaging title, for sure, but that didn’t stop us. We would run the cameras for the A/V department at our church, go to crazy lengths (like putting a piano in a creek) to make music videos for friends, and keep upgrading our equipment and expertise whenever we had the opportunity.


Then we grew up a bit and got slapped in the face with this unpredictable, labyrinthine thing called Life. We had to decide if filmmaking was going to remain an expensive hobby or compound into a rewarding career. We decided to get serious. This was the beginning of PaintSplash Productions, a Knoxville-based video production company that services East Tennessee and Upstate South Carolina.

We believe that stories deserve to be told right. No shortcuts should detract from the message. We don’t see a conflict between quality and quantity. We believe in creating a greater quantity of quality. That is, we strive to produce as much quality content as we can.

At PaintSplash Productions, we see film as a way to tell stories.

A film can bring a page of description to life in mere moments, making an impression the viewer will remember.

We would love to help you tell your story.

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